Authors Notes:

After my Dad, Jack Otto passed away our home was sold and I
gathered and boxed several documents, artifacts and photos
including many photos with writting on the back which I hope
to someday catolog.
I have Mom and Dad's (Jack n Joan's) computer hard drives and
am currently trying to find all the pictures available but it is time
consuming and difficult since there are two operating systems
and both were used for decades.
I posted all the home movies that have been transferred to a
digital video format from 8mm & VHS Also the Memoirs and
Genealogy section is extensive. The Genealogy records are
intended to be ammendable

My Dad put a lot of work into the family history and lineage
as well as pouring over hundreds of photos so now that I'm
retired I am putting together all the information I can gather
and make it available to everyone for free