This information is presented in its original
form as documented by John R. Otto
Family genealogy or lineage of his family and
Joan King's family are the sole work and effort
of Joan and Jack. Any update can be requested
through the contact information via PCXe Office

By John R. Otto and Joan L. Otto (King)
Typed in MS Word The Memoirs in their
original form. Included in some documents
is the same information found in the
Genealogy section.
This is due to the raw data in its saved form
and the order in which it was saved.
PCXe hopes to eventually offer the data in
photo copy, adobe and other formats soon.

This section of the website includes photos
of both John R. and Joan L. Otto - King
Also included are photos of family and friends
Some video footage and coverted 8 MM

This section of the website is dedicated to
general documentation which may or may not
include photo copies of important life events
photos of family objects, heirlooms or items of
interest including souvenirs and video